Another Weiner Scandal Penetrates the Clinton Campaign…What impact will it have?

Serial sexter, Anthony Weiner, made headlines once again today as he yet again was caught sexting a woman other than his wife, Huma Abedin. Weiner, who was at one time a well respected, mayoral candidate in New York had seen his role in society diminished to “stay at home dad” status after not one, but two sexting related scandals in recent years. Through it all however, Huma Abedin, current vice chairwoman of the Clinton campaign, stood (figuratively) by his side as she embarked on the campaign trail. Well, not anymore it seems, as Abedin announced her separation from Weiner following his third sexting scandal in recent years. While Abedin’s separation from Weiner does seem like the logical next step in their twisted love affair, what impact will this have on the Clinton campaign given the Clinton families notorious sex related scandals. Will people feel sorry for Abedin, seeing her as a victim? Will this point the spotlight onto the Clinton’s scandal once again, and get people asking questions as to why Hillary has decided to stay with Bill? Every person will have their own opinion on the issue, but one thing is for certain, the media will definitely play a huge role in determining how this story is received by the public.

A couple’s personal business should, in my opinion, never be exploited for front page news, but as is customary in today’s society, it seems to find its way there quite a bit. In most cases, a single party is usually in the wrong, but this is not necessarily the case in the latest Abedin, Weiner sexting fiasco. You see, Abedin had to know that Weiner had a problem, given his recent slip ups, but she still remained married to him. Couple his problems with the fact that Abedin was on the campaign trail for months, and it was almost inevitable another episode was to emerge into the news. Now, in no way can anyone justify what Weiner did, but there is evidence to support that Abedin was in the wrong for staying with him this long. Just look at the old saying, fool me once shame on you, food me twice, shame on me. In normal circumstances however, even taking into account the multiple examples of infidelity, Abedin would be overwhelmingly seen as the poor victim who finally found the courage to leave such a despicable man. But, given her association with Hillary, a woman who has not only stuck by her husband through multiple sex scandals, but actually worked to keep some of the victims of her husbands advances silent,  Abedin may not be seen as the victim but instead be completely forgotten. The potential lack of coverage of Abedin’s decision would no doubt be due to the media’s concern that a prolonged exposure to her situation, may raise further questions regarding Hillary’s relationship with Bill and her role in covering up his alleged sex crimes.

It is a known fact that the media leans to the left and seems to cater to the Clinton family whenever possible, so when news breaks concerning an issue which may further diminish Hillary’s already retched reputation, they tend to overt their coverage elsewhere. Recently, Donald Trump has made it particularly easy for these diversions to occur between his borderline racist remarks and juvenile twitter antics, but where will the media focus if Trump remains on good behavior over the coming weeks? Well that’s simple, they will just refer back to Trump’s donations to Weiner’s mayoral campaign, attempting to link him once again with a disgraced figure. Where does that leave Hillary though? It leaves her yet again able to escape media scrutiny. As shown during the media’s coverage of the  DNC emails leak, the Clinton Campaign email scandal, her personal email server, and all the other various Clinton related incidents, Clinton will never be the target of scrutiny no matter how heinous her crimes or dishonest her words.

Hopefully, with the mounting pressure of the public, the media will being to break free from the grasp of the Clintons, and let truth, like Weiner’s wiener be set free for the world to see.

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