DePaul University Keeps Its Students “Safe,” Abolishing Freedom of Speech in the Process

Following Donald J Trump’s stunning victory, protests have sprouted up across America like weeds in an untended garden. These protests, consisting mostly of liberal college & high school students, have overtaken city streets and college campuses, causing mass hysteria & in some cases leading to outbursts of violence. In response, some college’s have postponed mid-term exams, offered grief counseling, & created “safe spaces” where students can be sheltered from the harsh realities of real life. DePaul, a private university near Chicago, took a different approach to the situation entirely however, as they banned the anti-Trump protests, stating that slogans such as #RapeMelania have no place in civil society.

Wait, no that’s not right.

Actually, in a time when liberal protests are taking over college campuses, spewing anti-Trump rhetoric, DePaul University has decided that, in order to keep its students safe, conservative activist & NY Times best selling author, Ben Shapiro, must be banned from making a speaking appearance on campus. In an email to DePaul’s YAF chapter’s executive board, Bob Janis, VP Facilities Operations said:

“Given the experiences and security concerns that some other schools have had with Ben Shapiro speaking on their campuses, DePaul cannot agree to allow him to speak on our campus at this time.”

Calling this an attack on free speech, Shapiro, despite the ban traveled to DePaul’s campus earlier tonight, to confront the situation head on. Upon arrival, as evidenced by Shapiro’s Facebook live-stream, Shapiro was told that according to “protocol,” an arrest would be made if Shapiro was to even step foot into the lecture hall where the event was to take place. Proof that this was not just talk, a reported 60 police officers were on site for the event, prompting Shapiro to question why such measures were taken to stop a 5’9″ Jewish man from talking while approximately 4000 shooting have occurred this year alone in the surrounding areas.

Knowing an arrest would not bode well for him, Shapiro and co-speaker  Christina Hoff Summers decided to move the event elsewhere to an off campus location where freedom of speech is still respected. (For further updates click #FreeDePaul)

Sadly, this is not the first condemnation to take place at DePaul, as earlier this year, “conservative” speaker Milo Yiannopoulos had his event cut short when a protester rushed the stage. Now, imagine these were liberal speakers for a second. Would there be a ban? Would protests by conservative students be condoned?

This incident at DePaul just stands as yet another example of academia’s quest to quell conservative ideologies, while simultaneously preaching liberal agendas. While liberal students are coddled, taking refuge in their safe spaces, conservative students & conservative ideologies in general are being condemned and labeled as bigoted, racist, sexist, etc.

Will this trend continue? Probably. But if you are a conservative minded college student this does not mean to lose faith and turn to the liberal side. No, now is the time to educate yourself on your conservative ideologies and stand strong against the oppressive left. You do not need to be Ben Shapiro to take a stand.


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